54 Reasons To Attend The 2021 Portland Holiday Market

The Northwest’s Largest Holiday Show. Over 100,000 square feet of display space and hundreds of exhibitors make this the biggest holiday show in the region. 

Get It While The Gettin’s Good! It looks like “inventory” is going to be an issue this holiday season. It won’t be at the Portland Holiday Market. You’ll find plenty of gifts sourced locally from the Pacific Northwest’s very own makers. 

Shop Outside The Big Box. No big box stores here, just hundreds of small, local businesses selling their unique products. You’ll find items at the Portland Holiday Market you won’t find in big box stores. 

Do ALL Your Holiday Shopping In One Place At One Time. You can get everything you need for the holidays at the Portland Holiday Market! Food, gifts, ornaments, home and holiday décor, jewelry, clothes, spirits and more! 

Get A Jump On The Holidays! Will 2021 be the year you get all your Christmas and holiday shopping done early? Imagine going into Thanksgiving knowing you have all or most of your holiday shopping done. You can do it at the Portland Holiday Market and get a jump on the season. 

See Santa and Mrs. Claus! Bring the kids and get your picture on Santa’s lap…Mrs. Claus will be there too! Santa’s bringing his photographer and you can choose between the various packages that best suit your needs. Get your photo then roam the show and return to pick them up!

And Santa’s LIVE Reindeer Will Be There. It wouldn’t be a full-on holiday celebration without reindeer. Donner and Blitzen will be there for all to see!

A 30′ Living Giant Sequoia Decorated Christmas Tree.  We have another great photo opp, our 30’ decorated Christmas tree! It’s a living giant sequoia! It’s been purchased so when the show’s over it’s going to its forever home to grow and thrive!

Zuzu. Please extend a warm Portland welcome to Karolyn “Zuzu” Grimes! Karolyn was a child star who appeared in over a dozen movies. Most notable was her role as Zuzu in Frank Capra’s classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life” that starred James Stewart and Donna Reed. “It’s A Wonderful Life” was nominated for 5 Academy Awards and was Capra’s favorite film. Karolyn Grimes personal story is moving and inspirational. She’s getting the accolade she deserved decades ago…now. Stop by and see her at the show, she’ll be selling her cookbook and “It’s A Wonderful Life” themed ornaments every day of the show. 

Woooot Woot! You’ll hear the whistle of the train as it makes its way around the track. The Beaverton Railroad Club will be setting up their tracks, landscapes and scenes that beautifully capture the magic and thrill of the railroad. We’re told the Polar Express may be making an appearance too!

A Focus On Handmade. You’ll find LOTS of one-of-kind, locally-produced, handmade items at this year’s Portland Holiday Market. It’s what makes this show special, different and better! Talk to the people who make these products, one-on-one, get their story and the story behind the items you purchase. 

Four Days Of Festive Fun. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, reindeer, huge Christmas tree, thousands of gift items, food, holiday décor and the region’s biggest and best holiday market makes this a don’t miss holiday event for the whole family!

Letters To Santa. Scrap PDX will be hosting a letters-to-Santa feature in SantaLand for kids to take part in. It’s free and fun!

Buy Your Holiday Ham (or turkey) Here. Honey Baked Ham is in the house! You can purchase AND pick-up your holiday ham or turkey RIGHT AT THE SHOW!!! You can’t miss the Honey Baked Ham booth, it’s right inside the front doors. You can also order your ham or turkey early for Thanksgiving and the holiday season!

Buy Local. Nearly all of this year’s exhibitors are from right here in the Pacific Northwest. Northwest-sourced, produced and sold. You can feel good about the purchases you make are supporting local businesses. 

The Kind Of Minerals You Need. Here’s ANOTHER great Portland Holiday Market story…Castro’s Minerals. When Rebecca met Anthony it was “love at first sight” and their shared “passion for rocks, crystals, wildlife and life, their collection grew”, and from that collection sprang their business which is frankly, remarkable. For the full story (there’s a whole lot more to it), stop by their booth, ogle their collection, buy a few pieces while you’re at it and we’re sure they’ll be happy to share their wonderful story and finds with you. 

Holiday Décor. You’ll know you’re in the right place right when you walk through the front doors of the show and into the lobby and are greeted by the sweet smells of Cedarglen Floral Company. Their handcrafted holiday décor brings the fragrance of the forest into your home with a mix of door hangers, candle rings, baskets, runners, wreathes and more! This is a rare opportunity to purchase directly from them.  

Miniature Rainforests For Sale. Bring the outdoors, indoors with Roosevelt’s Terrariums. These clever and fun projects are a beautiful addition to any home and make great gifts! Roosevelt Terrariums will be selling their products and offering their expertise on how-to do this successfully. 

Cool Clothes. Will there be any clothes at the Portland Holiday Market? Well YES!!! How about GazzybyGazzo, CD Originals, Joining Yarns, 4 Little Pigs, Incredible Good, Nikki Stitches, Par-Li & Co. Boutique, Restored Beauty, Cary’s Painted Shirts, Eli’s Dyes, Mi Amado Mexico Handcrafts, Amerigun LLC, Empowerment Collective, Classic Collection Hats, Kakadu Traders and Just Because Boutique for starters? 

Door-To-Door Delivery. What’s old is new! Alpenrose is at it again with their door-to-door delivery service. The big change from their milk delivery decades ago is now they’re offering a complete grocery offering that not only includes their premium dairy products but meats, produce and a range of other products. All delivered right to your door! Check them out at the show. Alpenrose is a Portland institution and trusted name in the food business. 

“A Tisket-a-Tasket”… Twisted Fibers is bringing their handwoven baskets to the Portland Holiday Market. Pick-up a few! They make great gift-giving baskets when you fill them with ornaments, local non-perishable food items and trinkets. These baskets are more than functional, utilitarian, options for carrying things they’re pieces of art that once-used can be proudly displayed on a curio shelf. 

Outstanding Ornaments. Get your house ready for the holidays, or even better, share your holiday spirit with loved ones with holiday ornaments. There will be plenty at this year’s show. Be sure to visit the VJ Pemberton Art, Laserfied, Waxing and Raining Handmade Goods, Lawrence Eichman Glass Sculptures, 43 Mercantile, The Christmas Bear and Arts Desire, Dancing Kumquat Press and Paula Beltz Creations booths. You’ll find plenty of holiday ornaments to shop, buy and share with friends and family

Even More Holiday Spirit(s). Pilot House Distilling, Wild Roots, 503 Distilling, Finnriver Farm and Cidery, Just Rum, Dregs Vodka and Straightaway are all bringing their “A” game to the Portland Holiday Market. You’ll find plenty of spirit at the show…and spirits too!

Scrappy Fun! What started as a way to help teachers and kids with their supplies has blossomed into a national model that’s springing up in cities across the U.S. Scrap PDX is all about reusing items commonly discarded like fabrics, art supplies, art and craft books, crafting supplies, jewelry, beads, metal, paper and the list goes on and on. They’ll be selling some of their supplies at the show. Because they’re a non-profit, you save and they help supply classrooms around the city with the things they need. Be sure to check them out!

Ceramic Artists On Display! More great gifts! Shoalwater Pottery, Queen of Cup and Studio B LLC produce amazing mugs and pots and you’ll find them both at the Portland Holiday Market just in time for Christmas! Beautiful NW patterns that can be passed down from one generation to the next. 

Meet The Authors! With a 50 foot display of books for sale, the Northwest Independent Writer’s Association will be at this year’s show with 150 titles and dozens of authors on hand for book signings. This is a rare treat not to be missed! 

A Picture’s Worth… There’s lots of great art at the show, Justin Mikkelsen Photography and Colian Fine Art Photography are two great examples of exceptional talent worth stopping by and shopping. One of the great benefits of a show like this is you can meet and talk to the photographers, artists, potters, jewelers, etc. themselves and learn the backstories. 

Cutting Edge Technology. Need a knife? Goddard, Cutco and Bordertown Blades offer beautifully detailed custom and chef quality knives. Hunting, kitchen, camp and utility…you’ll find it here. 

Amazing Art! And there’s more! Meet the artists, admire their work and take one home! Canopy Studio, KLK Fine Art Studios, Black Line Creations, Xochi Fine Art, Mango and Paint and Mightyfly Studio will have their work on display and for sale. 

Pudding River Wood Carving Studios.  Tables, mantles, panels with relief carvings, benches and end tables, all created by the genius of artisan and woodworker, Jim Barton. These are functional works of art that we’re excited to introduce to Portland Holiday Market shoppers. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Commission Jim to design and build it for you. 

Lovely Leather. Yonezawa Leather is next-level leatherwork. Detailed, functional and gorgeous, you can see at a glance that Takeshi Yonezawa takes his craft seriously. We’re thrilled he’s at this year’s show and will have several pieces including wallets, belts and bags for sale. 

Handsewn Bags, Purses, Etc. Were we right in saying that “you can do all your holiday shopping” at this show? There is no shortage of great gift ideas coming to the Portland Holiday Market. Adding to that ever-lengthening list are Amick Designs and 43 Mercantile who both will be selling their distinctive hand sewn bags, purses and accessories. 

Rock Out! Katie Flack Painted Rocks are so much more than “painted rocks”. They are individual, singular, one-of-a-kind works of art. Not just “painted rocks” they are mandalas used for meditation and relaxation. Focus your gaze on the artwork and relax. Katie will be at the show selling her stunning art and she’ll be available to share the deeper meaning associated with these pieces. 

Heirloom Quality Gifts. Lawrence Eichman Glass Sculptures are a great example of the many exhibitors at this year’s Portland Holiday Market producing beautiful handmade artwork, in this case, glass sculptures. These are gifts that last lifetimes and earn the distinction of “family heirlooms.” 

Original Jewelry. If you’re looking for something special you’ll find it at the Portland Holiday Market. There’s some really cool jewelry coming to this year’s show. There’s Silver Borders, Jewelry by Caramia, Timber Fox Traders, Late Night Creations, The Vital Element, Mystic Visions Jewelry, Wilderness Mint, 43 Mercantile and Syn-ergy for starters and more. The Portland Holiday Market is a great opportunity to shop several styles and makers side-by-side and find just what you’re looking for. 

That’s A Wrap! Scrap PDX will be offering gift wrapping for a charge at the show. They are a non-profit so you know the money is going to a good cause that benefits schools, kids and crafters around town. 

Woodworking. If you thought that “woodworking” is carving a statue or building some deck chairs, au contraire! It’s that, but so much more and you’ll find a spectrum of woodworking talent at this year’s show. Included in the “woodworking” category are: Fine Pens & Wood Gems, Dave’s Driftwood Cribbage Boards, Blue Duck Woodworking, Mychal’s Myrtle, Butter’s Boards, Seat & Hutch, Portland Wood Story, Storyboard Laser, Liquid Metal Woodworking, Whoomas Wood Shop, B Bishop Originals, Fence to Home Creations, Built by Fuchs and Pioneer Pacific Flags — stop and shop all of them — no two are alike. 

Heavy Metal. Metal Rips, Elegant Garden Design, Rosemary Meadows, Rusty Birds, Steehead Metalworks and Backcountry Cut Outs will all be selling their distinctive and creative metal art at the Portland Holiday Market. Again, no two are alike and there’s plenty of really imaginative and fun items to purchase, which of course, are all handmade locally. 

Bath and Body That Soothes The Soul. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and you can count on plenty of products to shop that make your skin feel great! Do something nice for your body and stop by these fabulous booths and check out their products. Ocean Green Healing, Goddamn Man Co., Bumble Bath Soap, Soap Sweetie, The Bath House Co., Still Organics, Bath Temptations and Aster Raine will all be there with an assortment of spectacular products for that special someone (including you) in your life. 

We Love Our Pets. Sakari Rose will be selling their fun, customized, pet bandanas. Buy one for each of your friends, they’re affordable and a wonderful gift for any pet-owner. Also, the Oregon Humane Society will have a booth selling items handcrafted by Oregon Humane Society volunteers. It’s a great way to support the important work of this wonderful organization. Check them both out!

Kid’s Stuff. From whimsical and fun kid’s clothes, to indoor climbing and gym sets, there’s some cool kid’s stuff at the show. If you’re interested then make a point of stopping by Crate and House Crafts, 4 Little Pigs, Whoomas Wood Shop, Restored Beauty (kid’s clothes) and the TheKrayonShop for starters. 

Get Crafty! Make it yourself! The Crafting Lounge PDX and Quilting Delights will both have booths at the show. It’s the perfect outlet for those long, cold winter days to make something fun and nice for yourself or someone else. 

These Shoes Were Made For Walking. Put a little pep in your step with Birkenstock NW! You can count on Birkenstock NW to bring a great assortment of shoes from top manufacturers at great prices! 

Oh Honey, Honey! There is nothing that even comes close to the sweet and distinctive taste of actual honey from bees. The Portland Holiday Market is pleased to welcome T Bee S Honey, Julia’s Good Medicine and Bees in the Burbs to this year’s show. Both companies specialize in real deal bee honey that will transform any cup of tea, favorite recipe or piece of toast into something very special. 

Light Up Your Life! Oh those sweet smells and soft lights only a candle can produce. There are several candle companies for you to shop including Villa Ru Candle Co., Scentual Nature, Naty’s Candles, Waxing & Raining Handmade Goods, Rustic Mystic Mercantile, My Majestic Candles (who will also be doing candle making demonstrations at the show). Treat yourself and your friends to some welcome holiday warmth with the gift of a candle. 

Fantastic Food. Stock-up for the holidays! Just get a couple of each and you’ll be ready! Here are some go-to booths to shop, no doubt you’ll find others. Greenville Farms, OMG Olive Oils, Oliver’s Gourmet Company, For The Love of Pasta, Seely Mint, Columbia Bar, Six Stix Gourmet Pretzels, Pilgrim’s Roasted Nuts, Bob’s Freakin’ Nuts, Manja Creations, Koa Roots, Garlic Gourmay, Campfire Foods, DJ’s Food and Gifts, Mediterranean Flavors, Honey Baked Ham, The Olive Branch and Pepper Preppers.

Tea Time! Tea lovers will drink up the soothing flavors and aromas of these companies at this year’s show. Valhalla Tea Co., Snapdragon & Thistle and Mamancy Tea Company will both be at the show with their proprietary tea blends and flavors. Stop by both — they have amazing products and are undoubtedly the start of something very special and quenching. 

More Great Books! We don’t know when we’ve seen this many authors and books at a holiday show…but there are a few more you definitely want to check out for yourself (and the kids) while you’re here. Be sure you include on your shopping list: Tally (Secrets of the Tally), A Kid’s Company, Oldenworld Books (Jack Dublin) and Mightyfly Studio. 

Do Something Good For Yourself. You’ll find some of nature’s best remedies at the Portland Holiday Market.  Great stocking stuffers or something to try to improve your level of wellness, check-in with these locally sourced and run businesses offering a spectrum of wellness products. Julia’s Good Medicine, Golden Drops, Sasquatch Botanicals, Syn-ergy, Metolius Hemp, Seattle Gummy Co., and Fender’s Blue Hemp will all be at the show. 

Sweet Stuff. Got a sweet tooth or a hankering for something yummy like a cheesecake, bundt cake or cupcake? Well then, take a pick between Granny’s Fudge Shop, Mamancy Tea Company, 29 Kettle Confectionary, Bombshell Sweets, Nothing Bundt Cake, Mason Cheesecake Co., Killian Korn, Willamette Valley Pie Company, Change Your Narrative Today, Seattle Gummy Co., Heavenly Scrumptious, PNW International (licorice), Sinful Confection or Northwest Expressions. Better yet, just get something from each of them!

Get Sauced. There’s really nothing like handcrafted, small batch sauces to make a good meal…great! Hopefully, your mouth is already watering at the prospect of the assortment of spectacular sauces coming to this year’s Portland Holiday Market. Included in the line-up are: Fred’s Sauce, James Gang BBQ sauces, Best Damn BBQ Sauce, 2 Angry Cats, Koa Roots, The Black Flag Flavor BBQ Sauce, Pepper Preppers, Garlic Gourmay and For The Love of Pasta. 

Soft Sculpture. Bring the tooth fairy home for your kids with Christina’s Tooth Fairies. These are cute, tooth-shaped stuffed animals with a little pouch for your little-ones tooth so the fairy knows just where to look and leave something nice in return. Very clever and cool! She’s at the show and well worth the stop to shop. 

Jam Session. There’s no better way to start the day than a dab of artisan jam on toast or transforming a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich into great meal than handcrafted jams. Bithell Farms and Golden Eel Jams are both great candidates to make your mornings a little brighter and sandwiches a lot tastier. They make great gifts too.

Fun Time! Not just a fun time to be had going to the show but Fun Time RV! They’ll be bringing a couple small travel trailers, perfect for getting out into the outdoors in style and comfort. RV’s have been enormously popular these past couple of years and the units Fun Time’s bringing are a great place to get started.